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The PaySpigot website is available for use by the general public, completely free of charge.
The website is funded, 45% by advertising revenue, and 55% by our external fund-raising efforts, and voluntary donations, from our patrons, just like you!

100% of all donations, and 96% of all proceeds, in one way or another, go right back into the maintenance, and sustainability of our services to the public. To see a detailed breakdown of how your donation funds are spent, click here. To see the allocation of ALL revenue spent (incl. from ad's), click here.

Your donations, and continued support, is what makes "Minimal-Advertising", generous, multi-currency faucets, like PaySpigot, possible to serve many communities. With that in mind, we only request (only, for those with ample means to, of course), for you to support our efforts by submitting your completely private, anonymous, voluntary donation, using any of the payment options shown below.

We do value even small donations of merely a dollar ($1 USD), so no donation amount is too small*.

We accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, as well as PayPal, Payza, and Stripe.
* PLEASE NOTE: Some payment gateways, such as PayPal, can only successfully process monetary transactions of no less than $0.50 USD. Such restrictions are set by the respective payment gateway; not by PaySpigot. Hence, if you would like to donate less than $0.50 USD (e.g. $0.01, or even less) please submit your donation via one of our cryptocurrency wallet addresses, displayed below.
Our Cryptocurrency Addresses
PaySpigot Bitcoin address : 1FmFGq8PSAdVfaY31VjFRaFu8k86aBgWYb
PaySpigot Dogecoin address : DKuagkifpoWBb5TcUojSwgCjeCNbn7bN74
PaySpigot Litecoin address : LKsjDqJpgBWqD7pKLuBWWZdDfdg6QAFgSL

Thank you, we sincerely value your support!

- The PaySpigot Team

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